Sunday, June 14, 2009

Without kids

Dancing on the raft (when the tide's out!)

I can't believe that it has take a change of countries to get me to write a blog posting. We are back in BC for a holiday and some work (for me). I actually was inspired to write in here because of a presentation by Chris Foley about his Collaborative Piano Blog at the Vancouver International Song Institute (I am on the faculty). The power of his blog is quite amazing. So many people read it and consult it - including the media and various high profile arts organizations. He does incredible promotion for arts groups and concerts etc. I am wondering about whether I would like to make another, different blog - on what though?... hmmm ... times and trials of a singing mother?...
anyway, life in BC is great and I am enjoying an extended period of time without my little kids. They are having a fabulous time over in Victoria with Gran and Gramps (they went camping in the boler, aren't you envious?!). But before that, they were here in Vancouver with Oma and Papa and they got to go to Jericho Beach and frolic in the sand and surf..
I had thought about posting before Chris' inspiration when I went swimming at Jericho Beach the other day. . . . Nothing like swimming in the ocean in June and not freezing to death!

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