Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 19th

So I thought I was looking forward to the weekend with the 3 kids by myself. Now I am not sure if my experience is really coming close to my expectations. I have now had the kids for 4 days by myself. It is really uninspiring to cook for one adult and 2 kids- especially when it has been warm and the kids tummies have been acting up. I am tired of instructing them to do things. I am tired of the "whiny" voice. I am tired of raising my voice. I am tired of not really having adult conversation other than on the phone (and those conversations have been really great- don't get me wrong!). I am tired of waking up in the night (although not sharing the bed with one adult AND one baby is really much nicer). I don't like cleaning up barf. I do like the funny conversations and observations of 7 and 5 year olds. I love how they play together so well. I am almost ready for them to go back to school.

The kids are really into posing for photos these past few days (even almost instigating them) and so I have been lucky to have scored some fun shots. Here's the three of them having fun on the kitchen floor. Ami was holding/visiting with Timo and Mimi came along and suggested that she sit in Ami's lap and Timo could sit in her lap. This is what came of that suggestion.... 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Things i like about Spokane- part 1 in a series?

I have very much been enjoying seeing the dawning of Spring here. In other places where I have lived there is no clear moment when you really know it is spring. Maybe it is also because I only know this place in winter-mode. I am astonished with all the beautiful trees here. I especially am loving the dogwoods. They aren't like the white dogwood that I know from the house that I grew up in. They are way bigger with wee flowers that have beautiful rusty colours along with the cream. There are other beautiful trees that seem to have rusty coloured flowers along with the new lime-green leaves. I love the weeping cherry trees and some fabulous weeping forsythia too.

Things are emerging in our garden that I didn't know were there. The most prolific of those things is the daffodils! Daffodils should be the city flower perhaps?

Our veggie garden is starting to sprout and i think i will put in the seeds that "get planted after the last frost" this weekend. Must start them soaking this afternoon.

The water in the Spokane River is incredibly high these days and there is a flood warning for Spokane! (I am not worried considering where we are in the city ;) ) The falls are spectacular as a result.

This makes me wish I had a picture or two to put here. Perhaps that will be my weekend challenge!