Tuesday, December 15, 2009

what is new...?

I feel like I am so overdue in writing in here that it is way too daunting a task to undertake. However, I will persevere!
i taught my 5th Anat Baniel floor class (Transformational Movement Lesson) this evening in Classroom C at CDSP. It is cosy with a gas fireplace and oil heater and there is space enough for more than 10 to comfortably lie down. My class size is dwindling from a remarkable 10 people on the first night. I think the end of term has something to do with it. Everyone is cramming to get their last papers in as Friday is their last day. I have been transcribing lessons from the DVDs that I bought, using transcriptions from our classes at the training and also using a book called "Singing with your whole self". It takes quite a bit of work to do it but it is very worthwhile because I am starting to understand it more and more- both teaching it and in my own practice.

Today I had a fabulous day with a big chunk of this morning doing TMLs on DVD and singing in-between. I really felt like i was "getting somewhere" with it all. To have a relatively long time to spend on doing things for myself (and not being on the computer) is really awesome.

On Sunday we went and got a Christmas Tree!! We bought it from Home Depot in Emeryville which meant that it was a good price and it was one-stop shopping (stand and wreath for the door). We ended up going to a potluck at The COG (cooperative grocery store) which was fun and tasty. There was live music and Martin commented that it was just like a concert at the cultch. The audience was exactly the same (folkies around the world...) Our Christmas tree spent the night relaxing on our back porch and we put it up after Ami got home from school on Monday. It has made our livingroom seem quite fancy some how. Nothing like twinkle-lights to upscale your place!

Ami has been introduced to the candy of Christmas (canes, bon-bons) and is loving it! His bus driver gave him a couple of mini candy-canes and he now wants to know if there are bigger ones. I said yes there were and so he is now on a mission to get a big candy cane!

I started writing this post a couple of days ago so the days are getting all mixed up...

Today Miriam and I made cookies with our friends Sylvia and Alexandra (and baby Johanna). It was exhausting and we didn't even make the dough! Sylvia brought 6 pounds of sugar cookie dough and we rolled it out, cut it up, baked it, decorated them, and then packaged them. I was a very grumpy Mum by the end. Luckily we had lunch in the middle which did buoy my spirits! It was something else. I was all ready to dive into making some cookies that I can eat but I think I will now give it a few days to get re-inspired!

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