Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vancouver adventures summer 2010

So here we are in Vancouver having "friend intensives" so that the kids and I both get a large dosage of peer fun. Today we went with Kate and Liam to the new Hillcrest pool right by the Nat Bailey stadium. It was totally fantastic. The new pool is in a beautiful building with interesting architecture, lot of natural light and so many things to have fun with. Since the kids are both avid swimmers it was perfect. We got to the pool just after 11 in the AM and we left at 3 (i was the only one who really wanted to leave!). Now in that time we did have a lunch break out on the lawn beside the outdoor pool and our lunch time was extended when Liam went missing and the whole pool was evacuated to find him. The announcement was that a parent had been lost and that a child "Liam", 7 years old, dark hair, blue suit need to find his parent. He eventually appeared from somewhere because he had heard his name on the speakers and indeed he didn't know where his Mom was!!
The biggest hit for the kids was the "river" part of the big kid activity pool. It is in the picture- the dark blue backward C is where the river is. It pushes you through the water in a big circle and it is really fun and a bit crazy when the 10-13 year old boys show up with their day-camp after lunch. Meems and Ams loved going in the river riding a "water horse" (pool noodle between the legs) and they were both really great at balancing on it. Meems is not tall enough to touch in the river but she still has no fear about these things. Ami was really really really into jumping into the pool. This is a major break-through for him and he did it over and over again. I wish that i had a picture of the joy on his face at the pool. just beautiful. This place makes me want to move back to Vancouver right now!! Plus move into this 'hood.
After the pool we went back to K and L's place for more playing and then dinner. The kids were totally subdued after the pool experience and played very nicely.

in brief (as i know that more and more things to post will crop up)...
yesterday we went to spend the day with Louise and her kids. we spent the morning in the house with lots of fun play and great visiting for the Mums. We made a great lunch and all the kids were super eaters. I went at lunch time to inspect our Turner Street house's new paint job and to pay the painter. The house looks super snazzy. the garden, not so much. It is a jungle (even more than when i was doing the gardening) and there are fences that need major repair/replacement . . . . a bit concerning. ..
after lunch we headed out to Pandora Park to go to the wading pool. Much fun was had by all.
in the late afternoon we headed over to AnneMarie and Dave's house for dinner. Lyra was super excited to have Ams and Meems around to play with. After dinner we jammed in their garage! Dave has all the gear to do a big jam- keyboards, guitar, bass, drum kit and mini drum kit!! Ami was so pleased to see such a thing and took to it right away. I think we have a mini drum kit in our future!
very late night for the kids but SO worth it!

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