Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Adventures

Well, maybe this is not really a blog anymore if I make a post once every six months!
We have made it to the next stage of our adventures but we are still in limbo and waiting to know what direction the next stage will take us. The kids and I arrived in Sorrento last night and they are very happy to be here- so much grass to run around on! It is a bit deserted here with the youth staff arriving some time next week and hardly any guests here either. I also realized that much of my day is used up cooking and household things but here at Sorrento eating at the dining-room that is not something that will fill up the hours here. There was a big wind, thunder and lightening storm last night that was really dramatic and today is rainy which makes deciding what to do a bit tricky. If it stays this wet we need to get Mimi some rubber-boots before we can do a lot of exploring in the woods or even tromping through the grass. I'm hoping for many visitors this summer so that we have lots of people to play with- both for the kids and for me.

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