Saturday, January 14, 2012

11 weeks old

Timo is 11+ weeks now- I just had to check because I have been telling people that he is 10 weeks! His latest thing is putting his hand in his mouth and giving it a good chew. I am hoping that this does not mean that teething is precociously early! I can actually see his top front teeth up in his gums when I peel up his little lip! He is feeling a bit more clingy to me these days, especially at night (no surprise) and he has actually slept 5 hours in a row a couple of nights (just not in a row!). I think he gets a little stuffy at night and that is what wakes him up. I look forward to his desire to sleep through the night.
He is enjoying kicking a lot (especially when he has his diapers off) and he is so cute when he coos.

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