Thursday, September 4, 2008

campus exploring

I figured out how to at least post a photo from the internet! This is one of the places that Amiel and I explored this morning (Miriam was asleep in the stroller!) It is the Greek Theater at the University and it is located very close to our house. We had hoped to go up the bell tower/clock tower/Campanile but as it was not open today until 45 mins after we expected it to be so we did some other exploring. In the end we discovered this place, and our first real construction viewing location - right at the end of our street (Le Roy) only 2.5 blocks away from our house! We were in heaven.

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Anita said...

Yay, Phoebe! Way to go techno-lady! The blog is awesome. I love hearing about the things that occupy and interest you. It makes for a very interesting read and keeps us in touch. Thanks! Keep the pics coming! I'd love to see the giant succulents, and the kids playing in the trees, and the fresh local produce at the markets. It all sounds very exciting. Glad you're settling in.