Monday, September 8, 2008

catching up on things

I seem to have a stack of things to relate about last week.

The kids and I went to Downtown Berkeley on Wednesday. We went to the library which was having a story time for toddlers at 10:30. The children's library at the main branch of the BPL has its own floor in the library and is really beautiful with wonderful light and lots of ROOM! We didn't last too long at the story time as it was a bit young for Amiel and he wanted to get to the potentially new digger books! He asked the librarian himself about finding digger books. She helped him find about 4 books which we then read. Then we took a little stroll around the children's library and found that they have a "great green room" which we learned came from a local bookstore when they were done with it. Amiel was totally enthralled and wanted to get IN it! We eventually did and although there were no mittens, kittens, combs, brush, mush, or quiet old ladies (whispering hush) it was totally COOL!

I opened a bank account at Washington Mutual and hopefully it won't be long before we won't have currency issues anymore. We really should have set out to get an account ASAWA (as soon as we arrived) as it takes 10 days for them to process a cheque. I am so glad that i took a wad of cash over the border as the fees for both credit cards (exchange rate not necessarily the best) and interac (really not favorable exchange rate) both seem like a generally poor idea. The kids were very patient in the bank and i resolved that we would take the bus up the hill as it was almost lunch time. I had a very limited amount of snack in my possession so when the bank took longer than expected I started to reroute our trip home in my head. The Euclid 65 bus would drop us a block from our house but only leaves downtown Berkeley every 30 minutes. We had just missed a bus when we arrived at the bus-stop but i figured it was better to wait then hoof it up the hill at this "delicate" hour (for every one's sake!). I attempted to figure out a better option but in the end I stuck to the plan and miraculously found a little supply of animal cookies in my bag! All was well! When the bus finally picked us up, little did i realise that it would be an absolute highlight for Miriam. She was totally excited about the whole experience and kept saying BUHSSS BUHSSS! She insisted on sitting with Amiel on the back bench of the bus and just kept beaming even as she tried to push my supporting hands away. She so loves the "Wheels on the Bus" song. I think that this may have been her first real bus memory/experience. [Before we left Vancouver one morning we were all in bed and Miriam was saying "booss booss" and pointing to martin's dresser which was stacked high with books. We all said, Yes! books, Mimi, books! she just kept it up until i noticed that our pop-up "wheels on the bus" was in the stacks- that's what she was pointing to!]

Wednesday was also my day for grocery shopping with Heather. We left rather later then i had hoped but that helped curtail how long we spent shopping. This time I drove and we went to Trader Joe's first. I bought fresh wholewheat pizza dough in a bag in the cooler section to make a 12 inch pizza (and also white flour one) for only $1.29 or so. I made a pizza tonight and it was great. I always feel daunted by the preparation necessary to make the dough and this is such a great/easy/cheap dinner solution.
After Trader Joe's we tryed out Berkeley Bowl which is a Berkeley landmark for great bulk grocery buying. We found out that it is a hefty regular grocery store too and marvelled at the amazing olive bar and the countless types of cheeses available. The bulk section is great but since i don't own any containers to put staples in, i relented and bought the more expensive, more traditional grocery store items. The veggies at Berkeley Bowl were a wonder as well. I managed to score 3 "dollar bags" (kiwis, apples and mushrooms [which an old hippie told me was a really great find -"you'll take them home tonight and after cleaning them you'll lightly steam them, then tomorrow you'll take them out of the fridge and sauté them ... ooo divine"])
Restocking a kitchen is quite a chore and a joy. I wish that i had made a little package for my new kitchen full of my favourite things but I am also happy that my staples went to live in some great, well deserving kitchens!
Shopping once a week has proven to be a valuable lesson in meal planning for me. I spent so much time going to Donalds and Bosa in Vancouver every week. Of course sometimes it was a welcome rest from childcare....

With the arrival of our things from Vancouver we are back in cloth diapers and I am SO wishing that Miriam would figure out the whole potty thing. I am getty very tired of diapers and already she has a big rash from her second cloth diaper... how boring.

Quotes and Cutes.
one of her favourite mid morning and mid afternoon words is what sounds like "nacque". This is of course, Snack.


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