Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve widow

I suppose it will be like this from now on. Sitting at home alone on Christmas Eve. Holding down the fort.  New understandings about my own childhood and my Mum's life. Listening to the "neighbor's" carillon belt out the (hopefully) last concert of questionable christmas music.  Have Mercy Please! Stockings are hanging by the fireplace (empty) as fussy baby has not fallen asleep (woken up by belled "Away in a manger" ironically), gifts not yet wrapped, house is a mess, dog hasn't been walked...
3 kids finally asleep (at least I hope). Time for me to write this moment down.
Pray there is no "after-midnight-mass" "music".

Best moment today - seeing Timo fall asleep in Mimi's arms at church. Oh for a camera. She was so proud.

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