Saturday, December 10, 2011


My life is full of lists. I think about lists all the time. I carry them with me when I go out just in case I need to check them when I find myself in a store. My biggest list is not one to check in the store. It is the list of things I want to blog about and probably will never get the chance. Unfortunately that list is just in my head but here's what I can remember of it right now...

-the train trip from Edmonds with Timo and Mimi- one major poo up the back,  2 diaper changes in the smallest/train bathroom with all three of us in the room, arrival early to Spokane- waking up Mimi to get off the train
-Mimi's obsessive love of Timo and how she likes to pick him up.
-the things l like about our crazy huge house - A mother's best friend- ice and water from the water dispenser (can be acquired even while nursing), a gas fireplace, a double headed shower (one fixed and one on a "rope" allowing warm water to cover you from the front and back), a basement big enough to ride bikes in, a garage
-Ami's school, his relationship with Emily (crush #1)
-Timo at 6 weeks, bigger, stronger, able to be picked up by Mimi, SMILING! sleeping pretty well, wakeful in the evenings :(
-Generous parishioners bringing us meals and food
-day to day shopping- hooray for Trader Joe's!!!
-furniture and deals i have found to outfit our house
-the list goes on...

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Melissa said...

The house and parishioners sound fabulous! And Ami's school relationship... well I must be out of picture now! :P
Look forward to hearing more when you get the chance!!