Friday, March 9, 2012

skipping school

Mimi is an expert with a skipping rope now. She LOVES it! She can skip forward and backward, two legs jumping, hopping on one foot, alternating feet, kicking off her shoes while skipping and even skipping while on the trampoline. She loves to skip in the kitchen while I am cooking and we get to have a good conversation at the same time. She skips in the hall, dining room, living room, outside, upstairs, basement, church etc etc.
This week she had 2 days off school- one for pro-D day and one for the funeral of a teacher at her school who unexpectedly died last week.
I think a 3 day school week suits her just fine!

Mimi organized all of the shoes in our house yesterday. It made a very interesting installation in our front hall. I hope she is not too crushed when we have to clean it up tomorrow!

Mimi has joined the Girl Scout Troop (Daisy level) that was organized by some mothers of other girls in her class at school. They meet every other Monday or so in her Kindergarten classroom. She is super jazzed about it and we now have her uniform all organised for the acquisition of badges!!! The seed she planted on Monday has already sprouted. Can life get any better than that?

(and yes, I bought her skipping rope at Other Mothers!!)


Liz Tichenor said...

Is it weird that I miss your shoes? Well, I do. Martin's, really. Those yellow ones with blue laces just can't be topped. CDSP is much less fashionable in your absence.

Sue said...

Our Mims, so coordinated. What an amazing little girl. I loved the pictures of the shoes Phoebs, very arty I must say and, like Liz, I miss them too and I noticed Martin's yellow ones right away. Mostly, I miss you all. Love Mum