Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mysterious milestones

When we left the room, Timo would be lying on his back. Mysteriously when we returned to the room we would find him on his tummy. Mimi and I spent quite a long time trying to film him doing his new trick. He kept not doing it. Mimi had the idea to leave the room and keep the camera running to see if he would do it when we were in the kitchen. Mimi was sure that he was just shy about doing his trick. 
So here is the footage of our time stirring the spaghetti!

He hasn't figured out the next milestone yet. Reversibility!


Julia said...

awesome! so tricky!

Sue said...

That is so awesome Timothy, Bravo bravissiomo!! love from your Gran

Melissa said...

Great idea, Mimi!!
That is so exciting! Thanks for sharing.