Saturday, June 23, 2012

Berkeley time

I see from my blogger-stats that my blog got viewed a whole bunch a couple of days ago. I figure that is a sure sign that I need to at least update with a wee post...

I am in Berkeley as i write this. I am back here doing more Anat Baniel Method training. This segment is focusing on Anti-Aging and Vitality (or as we like to call it Immortality!). I am staying in my old neighbourhood and driving in from the airport i was really struck by how i  know this place. I don't need a GPS to get around, I am able to drive fast on the freeway with all the other Californian drivers and I even know what radio station to listen to! I'm not sure why it struck me as strange but perhaps because I have moved to a city which did NOT take long to get used to. Spokane's layout is fairly simple, my routes for errands are not complicated, the drivers are docile... what is there to get used to?

Timo is with me and he is a super kid. Totally accommodating and delightful too. I feel extra pleased that his childcare has worked out the way it has. For the first 4 days he is staying with a sitter who i met in February and who lived up in this neck of the woods. She is lovely and is a student at the Franciscan school up at the GTU. Since the last time we were here she has moved to the border of Oakland and Berkeley. Wouldn't cha know, she moved within half a block of my ABM colleague and carpooler, Chris. It is absolutely perfect!!! The other sitters are people who i have used before too. Huzzah.

I don't have the capacity to post pictures on my blog while i am here because I am using my host's computer and I forgot my camera cord anyway. I was expecting to have a computer-free 9 days!!!If you want to see recent pictures of Timo you have to visit my sister Caitlin's blog to see the latest cousin summit in Vancouver earlier this month.

Ami and Mimi have traveled to Victoria with my parents. They are the best grandparents EVER!- driving to Spokane to pick up the kids and then having them for a week!! WOW. I understand that there might be camping in the schedule if the weather behaves. . .

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