Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kore Da Lane

Since it has been so fun to spend summer time together in our new city I requested that Martin ask for an extra day off this past week. Tuesday was the day. I have wanted to go to Coeur D'Alene for some time as everyone talks about it being a very beautiful place to go and the beach is excellent and there is great swimming and it is just nice to get away. It has continued to be very warm here and a swim in a lake sounded like the perfect thing to do.  Coeur d'Alene is in Idaho but is only about 1/2 hour drive from Spokane.

We arrived there in time to find lunch and so we headed to a burger joint called Hudson's that was recommended to us by our friend Evita. Indeed it was a well deserved recommendation as the burgers were super yummy. At Hudson's you can only order burgers (plain, cheese, double, double cheese). They come with your choice of onions, pickles and/or ketchup. There is no lettuce. There is no tomato. There are no fries. There are no shakes. There is no side of coleslaw. There is, however, homemade unsweetened ice tea.  Hudsons has been around and in the same location since 1907. We took our burgers to the park and enjoyed them very much!

Swimming in the lake was divine. I got to do the swimming with A and M because Martin's swimsuit was MIA. It was so special to just play in the water with the kids. These days I feel like much of my interactions with them is yelling at them (especially Ami) to do this or to not do that. I never get a chance to just play with them. In the water this all changes. There is nothing to clean-up, no diapers to change, dog to walk, email to write, dinner to make.... just time to play. Playing in the water also give you the excuse to get really close to someone with lots of hugging and horsing around. I think both kids have missed out on this part of our relationship now that Timo is on the scene. I was glad to get a chance to rectify this at least a little bit.

Martin stayed up in the shade with Timo as the beach was unbelievably hot and also it was on a seriously steep angle to the water. Our little shade maker was very useful even in the shade of the trees as it gave T some boundaries while M read and watched our littlest boy.

I was so glad that Martin could come with us to Coeur D'Alene. Adventuring with 2 kids by myself used to be hard and somewhat lonely. Adventuring with 3 kids by myself is impossible right now (especially when it involves water).

Yes "Kore Da Lane" is how they say Coeur d'Alene around here... :)

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