Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spokane Things part the third

church in the morning (of course). (Met Pete- the much anticipated partner of Dawn)
Family Bike ride in the afternoon!
It was the hottest day so far. . .
Martin organized this as an activity for the St John's Families.
It started at a place that we had to drive to (Spokane Valley- 15 minutes drive away) so that meant a big pack-up of gear. We took the kids bikes and Martin's two bikes and our bike trailer for Timo. Bodhi stayed home (thankfully!)
The ride was along a small portion of the Spokane River Centennial Trail. The River was super beautiful to see. There were people floating down it and someone even saw someone snorkeling in it!! The ride was really cut short because of the heat. It reminded me so much of being a kid at the ranch. Blazing heat, clear blue skies, beautiful pine trees, a fantastic waterfall, desert conditions... Mimi and I saw quail and someone else saw a wild bunny.
Our friends the Browns joined us and it was great to spend that time with them. Also a new St J's member and one of her daughters.
It will be great to ride this trail with the kids when the weather is a bit more accommodating. The trail is an amazing resource here. We keep hearing other talk about it but this was my first experience trying it out.
I wore some clothes that I don't often wear (orange yoga pants and a bright pink yoga-wear tank). Mimi was super impressed with my outfit. I think it looked as close to a Barbie outfit as she has ever seen on me. She even told me that I looked beautiful and "cool". I wonder if this will be the last time i hear that kind of compliment from her! :)

We came home exhausted from the heat and I whipped together supper options for the kids and we welcomed a babysitter into our house and headed out to join Dawn and Pete for an evening at a local winery. Arborcrest hosted a concert at their site (only a $5 cover) from 5:30- 8:30. We were joined by Dawn's other friends Matt and Mindy and we had a great time visiting and eating and drinking wine in a beautiful location. Sadly we realized that this was only the second time we had actually procured the services of a babysitter in Spokane. It is no wonder that we haven't seen much of this city or had many opportunities for adult life... 

We. Must. Get. Out. More.  (and church events do NOT count!)

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