Tuesday, November 29, 2011

in the middle

Tonight Mimi and I were at odds during bath-time. I told her that the rule that she can't pick up Timo yet applies all the time in our family. She said that I had my own family and she and Timo were in a different family - "the stinky bum family". Unfortunately we were already in the bathroom so I couldn't reprimand her bathroom language...
Then she sang a little song (maybe twinkle twinkle or row row row your boat) which was so high that I think she was seriously singing a high G above high C. (super duper crazy high- only canine audible almost)
Then after bath and before she fell asleep she said "Mum, can I tell you one more thing? Me: Yes.  Mimi: I love you. and after my good sleep I am not going to be so kooky in the morning".

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