Friday, February 3, 2012


Sometimes Martin doesn't take Bodhi with him when he walks Ami to school in the mornings because he doesn't like the sound that little kids make when they see our dog. I agree that it can be really annoying but he misses out on other things too. Today when I had Bodhi with me a very little boy with big brown eyes and a Paddingon-esque coat said to me "your cute is (pause) dog". I think he wasn't expecting to say anything outloud but it just poured out of him. You only get that kind of random cuteness if you walk the dog to an elementary school in the mornings.

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Sue said...

When I take Cricket for a walk it is like walking with Madonna, everyone looks down at her and no one looks at me. I confess to being a little bit jealous. But when I took Cricket AND Bodhi, the cuteness factor increased exponentially. The world can use a lot of cuteness just now so go for it Martin, take that adorable Bodhi and share him with your fellow humans.