Saturday, February 25, 2012


I went to a fun event this evening over at the cathedral. It was a fundraiser hosted by one of the guilds at the cathedral in aid or an organization called Crosswalk which is a shelter for homeless teens. It was spearheaded by a Mom at the cathedral and it was a very simple concept. The entry "fee" was a donation of $5 plus clothes that you culled from your closet. All the clothes were laid out and everyone went "shopping" and enjoyed donated foods and wonderfully created goodies in a festive atmosphere. There was also a small silent auction.

Now I thought I might just leave without going "shopping" because the mounds of clothes were intimidating and I was feeling hesitant about what would fit me etc. However, after having a few visits and then trying on a fleecy zip-up hoodie I was hooked. I filled the bag I brought with more than I had brought (I hope that's ok!) and then headed home. Now the really dreamy part.... After I put the kids to bed I tried on my "finds" and they ALL ARE AWESOME!!! I got 4 pairs of perfectly fitting pants (4!!!), a whole bunch of tops, a sweater, a fleece, a fuzzy jacket, and a pair of dress flats (they are a bit squeezy but it's for beauty right?). And I didn't have to go into a horrible change room with horrible lighting and stare despondently in the mirror plus fork out however much that would have cost me to purchase new.

Plus earlier today I went with a couple of other Moms (plus kids) to a "Pickers Delight" warehouse event (basically a big space filled with mostly things that should just go in the garbage) and I found 3 awesome things. An emergency radio/flashlight/windup-wunderbox, a bunch of large art paper and a song book that is going to be great for Martin's work. Camp songs, worship songs, etc with chords and melody lines. Lots of old favourites in there.

It snowed about 6 inches of beautiful wet flaky snow today. Lots to be thankful for.

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