Monday, April 16, 2012

day off

what does a day off look like?
what would i not do?
and would i do instead?
I'll have to wait until summer to find out,


Sue said...

In keeping with Julia's poem concept, this has an Haiku ring to it Phoeb. One thing you might do is kidnap your husband for the day, leave the house together and go see something in your new town, taking the kids along with you. How about eating lunch out. And forgetting about housework and office work. It's a thought. With lots of sympathy and love, Mum

Sue said...

I left a comment but now on the website it says there have been no comments ...... sometimes this techo world is too much for me. I hope you can read my first comment one day soon, it is here. Love you Phoeb

Phoebe Elfert MacRae said...

thanks Mum!!I got BOTH of your comments!! :)