Monday, April 9, 2012


I am remiss in posting here. and shocked that the last post was March 17th. but not surprised that I haven't posted however. Life is full.

Since the last post I have -
won more items at the auction,
heard Zuill Bailey play Bach Suites across the street from our house,
had parent-teacher conference at Ami's school,
Martin was ordained to the priesthood,
we hosted my parents and Helen and a friend from CDSP for Martin's ordination,
I went to California for 9 days with Timo,
I graduated from the ABM for Children Mastery training,
Ami broke his arm,
the kids and I "spring break-ed" in Portland,
Martin introduced the "Elfert Interpolation" while celebrating at the Easter Service,
and now Mum and Dad are here for a visit!
I guess that's why i didn't have a chance to post....
and perhaps why i am tired.

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Julia said...

it is like a poem. A very tired poem.