Saturday, April 28, 2012

6 months old (4 days ago)

I intended to create a fun post about Timo turning 6 months old but my computer is taking a long time to do things so it is uninspiring/frustrating to write an interesting post. I know that it will take too long for me to edit and format the video I wanted to post here so i will just post photos instead. Timo's 6 month "birthday" happened when we had a a few super glorious HOT days here in the Spoke. It felt like SUMMER!! We hardly knew what to do. However we did figure out that going diaperless on the back lawn clearly was the correct way to conduct ourselves! Since then Timo has been able to do these moves and more even with diapers on!
Unlike Ami's first year we haven't had a cake every month (not even close) in honour of Timo's mensaversaries. However, Timo gets a blog post and photos galore. Happy half birthday little guy, and Happy half birthday to Miho too!!!!

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Sue said...

Happy half birthday Little One. It looks like you will soon be able to crawl towards your cake. I well remember the day Ami, Mimi and I waited to hear that you were born. I'm so glad you are safely here. love Gran