Saturday, November 10, 2012


Today was the day of the big Christmas Bazaar across the street. I have NOT officially joined any "ladies groups" at church but somehow my friends belong to a "guild" and they invited me to join them for events/meetings/outings. (is this how people get into cults?!) The whole "Guild culture" is big here. There seem to be endless Guilds who do all sorts of socializing and raising of money to give to those who need it. I heard today that the "Service League" (the first and most "overarching" group) was in existence before the Cathedral was and they raised the equivalent of 3 (or maybe it was 8) Million dollars in the '30s (mid depression..) toward the creation of the building. 
Photo of magnificent St. John's Cathedral - Spokane, WA. 
This was all done with 5 cent luncheons and garage sales. Not to mention Spring Balls, Summer Balls, Winter Balls etc. Those gals loved to dance I guess and they really knew how to get MONEY!!. Today the guilds are of various sizes and raise funds for those less fortunate.
The guild that I am associated with is called the St Catherine and St Frances guild. The guild had almost died out (quite literally) but it has been re-membered by a few youngish Moms.
My friend Becky took on the role of leader, creating everything necessary to make our booth at the Bazaar successful. The St C and St F guild made and sold the traditional secret recipe Champagne Mustard, dry soup mixes and an assortment of other things that we thought people might purchase. However, Becky was VERY sick today so she wasn't able to attend. That meant that the rest of us who could be there (2-3) attended ALL day. I have new sympathy for folks whose job means that they are on their feet all day on a concrete floor. I also am super appreciative of living across the street and popping home for this or that or just for taking break from the place.
My kids were super great today. Helping out and having fun all day long. It was too bad that it was such a gorgeous day outside today but hopefully we raised a good amount of funds and that people who need help will benefit from our efforts.

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