Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guest post by Mimi- from Sunday

Today we got up and we put on our clothes. Then we ate breakfast (piece of toast). Then we had a walk and we went to church. I went to junior choir. We practiced singing. I forget which songs they were. Then I went to children's church. Then we had our morning prayers. It was fun. Then we sang songs and they were... I forget! Then we had our story and we had snack. It was chips and apples. Then Cathy brought down the bells and the cross. Then I holded the bells. It was fun. Then we went upstairs and we processed down the aisle. Then we played a story. It was fun but i wasn't involved in the story. Not everyone was involved. It was if you knew how to read. Then I sat with Miranda and Matthew and we had fun with my crayons and my pages. And soon the service was over. And in the middle of the service i did the labrinth. It was fun doing the labrinth.
We had enchiladas (leftover). [ed. for dinner]
Mimi and Miranda with their choir uniforms!
wait! i forgot one part!!We had pumpkin pie!!!!.


Caitlin said...

excellent day!

Sue said...

Dear Mimi:
I enjoyed reading your post for Sunday. You had a fun day. You and Miranda look very cute in your choir gowns. I'm looking forward to hearing your choir in a couple of weeks. Sending you love,