Thursday, November 15, 2012

house of sick

On Sunday someone asked me how my household was doing and I said that remarkably everyone was very well and we had had very few fall illnesses. I should have been knocking on wood or crossing my fingers or something because that night started a range of delights! Mimi was sick (stomach) (what she always gets) and that meant a VERY interrupted night for us. She stayed in bed/at home for 2 days. Ami has a very bad cough (the one he always seems to get) and I am sporting a rather horrendous sore throat (also the one I always get). Timo has been cranky and he is either getting a new tooth or he has some ache that he can't tell us about.
This too shall pass.

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Sue said...

Hi Lovies, I'm sorry to read that you are sick. Yesterday we got your letter Phoebsie with the wonderful Hallowe'en pictures. Thanks so much. I have them on our kitchen windowsill keeping me company. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.
love Mum