Friday, October 29, 2010

growing up

Mimi is really growing up these days. Going to school 3 days a week has moved her into all sorts of new levels of development. She is learning to whistle, she does representative paintings of people, and she is no longer my little "ok" girl - she has her own opinions and is ready to stick to them.
Today she and Ami were playing bus and she told him that she wanted to be let off at ballet class at a location name that I can't recall. She clarified that it was in India. She is saying all sorts of hilarious and cute things these days. At dinner tonight she was using a "wath-cloth" to wipe her face and, like Ami did, she calls the first meal of the day "breakstets". She is increasingly interested in the alphabet and is using the fridge magnet letters to form words.

She has moved into a twin sized bed and it is GREAT!!! We got it from CDSP so it didn't cost us a thing. We gave our toddler bed to them in case another international family comes in the future with a child who needs it. She spends the WHOLE night in it!! This is probably the best part of the whole deal. I like sharing my bed with ONE other person! She is having "issues" with having her picture taken so here is peeking out of her new bed. I caught her!!!

Mimi doesn't like to climb the stairs, she'd rather take the cliff!

She is a great climber and very adventurous which, in turn, gives me the jimjams. These photos are from Indian Rock.

She decided to be a faerie for Hallowe'en and Auntie Babba and Gran will be happy to know that she has fully embraced her birthday presents from last year! It only took 11 months!! Here she is with Alexandra at the Washington School costume parade today.

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Mum said...

Miriam reminds me very much of you Phoeb at the same age...a definite personality with magnetic dimensions. What neat pictures of climbing on Indian rock. I what a perfect faerie!