Monday, October 25, 2010


Like last year I decided to get a subscription to the opera. Last season I didn't go to all of the fall shows and I really don't know why I didn't seize the opportunity. So far this season I have seen Aida, The Marriage of Figaro, Madama Butterfly and Werther. They have all been filled with excellent singing. I have been struck by why these operas are produced so often. They are really good!!! :)

I sit way up in the "gods" of the opera house and that affords very good acoustics but not always the best view.  I have been fortunate to have been at the opera when they have used their upper balcony screens. These are screens that descend from the ceiling and project close up views of the opera. This was particularly excellent for Figaro since I forgot my binoculars!! I am a little bit mixed about whether I like them or not but i think i do mostly.

Going to the opera is fun for a number of reasons. I take the BART from Rockridge station (so I don't have to transfer). It means parking in a potentially scary parking lot but I think it is probably quite safe. Taking the BART also means that I get time to listen to podcasts and learn all sorts of new things. I am particularly liking the TED Talks these days. I am also listening to ABM and Feldenkrais related podcasts which are very enlightening.

I will be going to Cyrano De Bergerac this week with Placido Domingo!! Well, actually he will be singing and I will be in my seat. We will meet after for decaf!! The last opera this fall for me will be The Makropulos Case. After I finish my commitment to the opera season I will rejoin the Angel Band at church. I figured that I could only do so much. . . . .

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