Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh Deer

The other day I was taking Bodhi around the block late at night. When we rounded the 3rd corner we came across a buck who was scratching his teenage antlers on a very small lollipop (manicured!) tree which was really no taller than he was.  We stopped and stared at it for quite a while enjoying this little encounter with wild-life.  Bodhi didn't seem to wonder what we were doing and he was nice and quiet with me. I was thinking about something my friend had told me about a shooting at a BART station a couple of days before and out of the blue a guy came rushing past me. He totally startled me and I jumped. He sort-of muttered something, questioning whether he had scared me. I said "yes, you did" and then I proceeded to tell him about the deer while he whisked up the hill. Of course his fast movement scared the deer away. The guy barely glanced to see what I was talking about but I don't think the concept of wild-life really registered with him. Bodhi and I carried on and the guy was way ahead of us on the block. Then he suddenly came to a stand-still in awe. He had seen the deer. He could hardly believe his eyes. Then he wanted to talk to me! He wanted to know where it lived, where it came from etc etc. He said he hadn't seen one since he was a kid. Perhaps if he just slowed down he might get to see things. . . .

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