Monday, October 25, 2010


Having Mimi in preschool has meant that I have designated times to do things for myself! I am super fortunate to make a connection with the folks at the church that is beside the preschool and I have arranged to practice in the sanctuary on Monday mornings. This has meant a few things. I don't have access to the space until 10 (Mimi starts preschool at 9) so I have an hour to find things to do. I have been going for coffee on Solano Avenue most Mondays which is fun and a different slice of Berkeley than the "Gourmet Ghetto" area that I live closer to. A couple of Mondays ago I was walking back to the church and I saw a little sign on a path (Berkeley specializes in neat walking paths) that said "Indian Rock". I had wondered where it was as a friend and I wanted to find it to watch the sunset last summer. I still don't really know where it is other than from that little path!! I didn't have my camera with me so had to find these pic online. I think the rock must be very hard to take pictures of because it is so HUGE and there are houses and trees all around it.

the path to Indian Rock

Indian Rock

stairs carved into the rock

The view from the rock

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Mum said...

Oh, Phoebsie, this looks like such a fun place to go with you. Let's do it when we come to Berkeley. Remember the Indian Rock at Camp Columbia? Probably got that name for the same excellent place for a lookout used by people since time beyond remembering.