Tuesday, November 15, 2011

3 Weeks

Yesterday we celebrated Timo being three weeks old!!! He can do all sorts of tricks now!
Here is what he is like at 3 weeks

Timo is a champion nurser. He can nurse anywhere and in any position.
He looks around very purposefully. He mostly likes shadows and architecture (just like Ami did).
He gained 1lbs 1 oz from his birth weight as of Saturday last. (>15% of his total weight)
He likes being swaddled or being held nice and snuggly - a good way to fall asleep.
He sleeps in my bed with me at night and for the most part sleeps and feeds with not much wake-time.
He is finding out about his hands a bit and they have much more presence in his world.
He keeps showing signs of indvertantly rolling over- looking up and then arching his back and starting to get his opposite leg/foot involved... yikes
He lost his belly-button stump at exactly 3 weeks.
His eyes are gummy and he has a tiny bit of acne (all normal).

In celebration of his 3 week birthday he had his first poo all the way up his back.

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