Sunday, November 13, 2011


I packed my bags at the end of May thinking that I would need clothes for the summer and also to accommodate my every increasing belly-size. I started out wearing my regular clothes and as my summer yoga pants ride pretty low I was able to even wear regular pants (not maternity wear) up to the end of July. Then I needed to dip into any available maternity wear I could put my hands on. Thankfully I had kept most of my small collection of maternity wear from my other pregnancies and had loaned it to my sister. She had stored it at our parents' place and in the middle of August when I came to visit I suddenly had a bunch of new clothes to wear (huzzah). As I got increasingly bigger this fall items started not fitting anymore and the change of season also ruled out a number of outfits.

Now I am into another awkward time in clothes. I don't have any "pre-pregnancy" clothes as I packed those away in May- thinking that I would see them again where-ever we ended up in the fall. I haven't ended up anywhere yet so I don't have them.

This week I had to make an emergency trip to Value Village to get some clothes for the transition time of post pregnancy body to "normal" (whatever that is). I went with Mum on Tuesday which is seniors' day (30% off!) and got a couple of pairs of pants, a few shirts, a sweater to wear in bed (for mid-night nursing) and a coat/sweater. I am almost feeling normal again! I plan to go back on Tuesday with my Mum (gotta get that discount) for more shirts and maybe another pair of pants. I also want something warm and soft and nice to wear- I am moving to a colder climate than I have been in for 3 years - plus sometimes this house is just freezing! :)

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