Tuesday, November 8, 2011


My sister Caitlin is blogging every day in November and I thought I'd better keep up with her seeing as she has a newborn only 10 hours younger than mine! There have been so many changes in the past couple of months and I know that there are those of you out there that might want to see pictures of the latest addition to our family so here goes!!

   The most recent news is that Timothy and Michael are the latest grandsons in our family! Timo was born at 17:04 on October 24th to me (Phoebe) and Miho was born at around 03:30 on the 25th to Caitlin. My Mum is convinced that it was the picture of Timo that she emailed to Caitlin on the evening of the 24th that precipitated Caitlin's labour! Here we are in August at our sister and cousin-fest. We joked that we could have babies on the same day but never imagined that it would actually come close to happening! We had very different births and we were both a little disappointed that we couldn't be each other's doula (labour support). As it is the babies have their own birthdays but they qualify to be twin cousins too!

i don't know why his nose was so red!
 Timothy was born at Victoria General Hospital under the care of our Midwives Misty and Heather and also the obstetrician Dr Denny. It was great to be surrounded by loving professional women and to have their presence at each of the stages of Timo's birth. I was very glad that the midwives were able to take pictures when every one else's hands were full (and we didn't bring a camera!)
i didn't recognie that it was Martin who brought our baby over for me to see! I hardly recognise him in his clericals let alone scrubs!!
 My Mum and Ami and Mimi followed us to the hospital and waited very patiently to discover what kind of baby we got. All the nurses, doctors and midwives were super impressed by how patient the kids were. They waited and waited and waited and waited until they could come into the recovery room to see me and our new baby boy. The waiting was all worth it in the end.
Ami and Mimi meet their new brother!I wonder who would use a microscope in this room...! I guess it has to get stored somewhere!!


Caitlin said...

maybe the microscope is in case you have a really small baby and are having difficulty finding it in all that swaddling!

Phoebe Elfert MacRae said...

ha ha!!