Saturday, November 12, 2011


Drinking in the sun and his second grandson

looks like Timo will be as handsome as his Papa.
Having a new baby means that people want to come and visit you! Timo has had visitors from Germany, Sorrento, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, Vancouver and from right here in Victoria! All this before 2 weeks old! His first (non immediate family) visitors were sisters Michaela (from Munich) and Sophia (from Victoria) who came to our house before Timo was even a week old. It is amazing to see and hold such a tiny person and be in the presence of someone so new.
We had a big visit from Oma and Papa from Vancouver who came over for the day bearing clothes for the baby and treats for the Mum. Chocolate really is the best thing for a nursing mum! :)
We might go visiting next weekend to meet Timo's twin cousin in Vancouver. Gotta see that boy before he gets any bigger.

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