Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We have a plan

So the wheels are almost on the tracks for us to go to "Spoke" next Thursday. After today's bureaucratic hurdle of Timo's passport submission (which then required Martin to go to a police station in the Spoke to get them to verify his identity), we just want to double check with customs that we have all the documentation we need to enter the country. That will be tomorrow's morning adventure.
The kids and I have been in Victoria since the middle of August and now we have 50% more kids than we had when we arrived. I can't remember the last time I was responsible for 3 square meals for a day let alone weeks on end. It will be so strange to leave here and set up camp in a totally new place. As Little Red says it "makes me feel excited, well, excited and scared." Oh, and it makes me feel tired, and overwhelmed and sad too.


Melissa said...

Yeah! So glad to hear it! I'm excited for you all that soon you will once again be together. I hope all the documentation stuff goes smoothly!

Juniper said...

hi phoebe, congratulations on your beautiful new child and your other two awesome kids!

i am sending much light for your move. i think there are some good things happening in spokane. there is a radha yoga centre there - i know some of the teachers because it is the same tradition i study in.
maybe it will be close to you!
big hug,
(and i loved seeing ami as a big boy with his bell obsession! amazing! i remember him as a 3 month old...)