Monday, November 28, 2011

5 Weeks

I am struck by the night noises- snuffling, gurgling, screeching, contented grunting. I plan to record these when I get to Spokane where my recording device is. Otherwise they will fade away/grow up.
Eyes are not goopy anymore
Acne comes and goes with every day- less in the morning, developing into the afternoon, clearing at night (sounds like a weather forecast)
longer between feeds- 4 hours during the day on one occasion!
Enjoys a soother on occasion - neither Ami nor Mimi ever took to one so this is rather handy especially considering all the changes that we anticipating ahead... and how many things I need to do accomplish....
Loves his morning walks in his Bugaboo with Mum and Gran and the dogs
He now weighs 10 lbs 2 oz (up from 8 lbs 1/2 oz at birth)
Timo on his new quilt made by my friend Mary (in all her spare time- Mom of 2, now 3!)

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