Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend in the City (Vancouver!)

On Saturday the kids and I set out for the weekend in Vancouver. We had a number of "dates" set up with our friends and family and miraculously we were able to see all but one family that we had hoped to see this trip! The kids were super excited to be heading off for such an adventure especially with the possibility that there might be snow in Vancouver. (the kids are super excited by snow- they have not experienced real winter in their memories and are eager to get their hands on the white stuff!!). We caught the 11 AM ferry (the Spirit of Vancouver Island- Ami's favourite BC Ferry Vessel) and were able to connect with our friends and neighbours on Turner Street Louise and her boys Elias and Mateo. So great to have a good visit and play at their house. Then it was a fantastic feast of veggies and super-duper sausages from Oyama on Granville Island for dinner at Kate, Jeff and Liam's and then a "late" night arrival at Oma and Papa's for sleeping.
On Sunday we went to the cathedral for church in the morning, remembered just how good church can be, confused a bunch of people with Caitlin and my baby (nothing like one mum holding the other's baby! yes they are exactly the same age, no they are not twins...etc etc), had to answer lots of questions about moving to Spokane, went for a lovely lunch with Hilary and Josh on Robson street ( Two Mums 4 kids!), then cousin time, Julia and Travis visit and a delicious dinner at Caitlin and Panos'. The twin cousins got to compare notes about almost being 4 weeks old and I got to hold another squishy, cute boy! Babies are so squishy it is awesome- something you forget when you haven't had one around for a bunch of years...
Monday AM was visiting time with Oma and Papa and then a visit with Lauren to round off our visiting in the big Smoke. Then it was back to the BCFerries to catch the Spirit of Vancouver Island (1PM) [designated "possible wait" but we got ON!!] Ami made friends with an elderly woman on the ferry- lots of discussion as to which vessel sailed where. I think she was totally charmed- even the woman sitting in front of the "friend" thought he was pretty incredible. So chatty and knowledgeable and fun.
I was proud of my kids for managing the rather grueling visiting schedule and there were no melt-downs or questionable behaviour.
The highlight for the kids (especially Ami) was that the snow from Sunday night had stayed around long enough at Lauren's house for us to make snowballs!

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