Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stroller triumph

isn't it a great colour!!
Sleeping beauty in his stroller
the bassinet part which detaches from the wheels means  sleep can happen anywhere!
Well, so much for my goal to post every day. I fell asleep last night super early (almost before Mimi went to bed) and so my evening blogging time evaporated. Now I am sitting on the front porch at Applecross with a sleeping babe in his stroller/bassinet. I am feeling very pleased by my purchase of said stroller/bassinet. This is a very fancy stroller [Bugaboo Frog] that I bought at the local kids' consignment store (Abra'kid'abra) for a fraction of the original purchase price. I needed some sort of little bed for the baby while in Victoria and it is super nice to have a "new" item for your new baby and my sister Bridget swears by hers (justifying justifying)... I have been fixing it up for Timo since I got it about 5 weeks ago. It needed a good cleaning of the fabric (the washing machine worked wonders) and the wheels needed greasing and cleaning. The little basket underneath needed a tricky repair (I am tricky!) and the strap-that-you-can-put-around-your-wrist-to-prevent-runaways-on-hills needs to also be trickily fixed (I have a plan!). The stroller came without a canopy/hood but I ordered up one and it is waiting for me in Spokane.The ticket price on these strollers is over $1000 so I am feeling pretty pleased with the $140 I paid!!! Plus I have enjoyed the project of fixing it up!!

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