Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have got to have two of the greatest kids around. Today was the day that they had an appointment to get their "school age" booster inoculations. I didn't want to ruin their days today so I kept this info from them until after school. I picked them up and started driving to the public health clinic which was in the opposite direction from our house. Neither of them made any comment about this and so I didn't either. When I finally pulled over to the curb to park both of them "woke up" to the fact that we were nowhere that they knew. I turned off the car and I turned around to tell them what we were doing there.

I said, "Well, today is the day that you guys get your inoculations."
"What does that mean" Ami said.
I explained that it meant getting poked with a needle.
In his most golly-gee voice Ami then said "oh HELLLLLLL....p".

I don't think he meant any joke by it but it was hilarious.

I told them that we would visit the nurse and then we would go down the street to the bakery to get a treat. They seemed to have NO problem with this plan at all. I was expecting big resistance but Ami lead the way with his "oh well" attitude and it meant that it was the smoothest medical procedure ever. Ami went first and he had to have 2 pokes. After the first one he said "That was nothing!" The second one stung a bit more so that was a bit uncomfortable. Mimi was hesitant about her shot but her brother did such good behaviour modelling she couldn't really fight it too hard. Besides, Ami started picking out which sticker he thought Mimi would like even before the shot went in. He is such a kind and distracting brother!
the duo sometimes known as Amimi or Mimiel

Then we went to the bakery and got cookies. Ami chose double chocolate and Mimi chose shortbread with jam center and white chocolate drizzle.  All was well.

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