Friday, November 25, 2011

belly button

I remember when I had Ami that the issue of belly buttons was big for me. Not only is it the place where you were physically attached to your mother and is a little mark to remember that, but the mother's belly button is transformed in the process of pregnancy (at least mine was). You get to see right to the bottom of that part of you that you think you know but you have never actually seen the bottom of. I start to wonder how all that skin which has never seen the light feels after being exposed. After my babies were born my belly button did not go back to the way it was before- a lasting mark of my mother-hood perhaps.

I wonder what determines whether you get an outie or an innie. In my family we specialize in innies. Timo's is yet to be determined at this point but I must say that it is a particularly cute belly button. It reminds me of a little snail.

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